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Hi everyone!
We are The Beard and Glasses

Evan is the beard and Dana is the glasses. We are husband and wife, lovers and livers of the what we are calling the Vintage Modern Lifestyle. Evan loves making old fashioneds and Dana has a vintage fur for every occasion! We love throwing theme parties with vintage finds and sharing good times with friends. Our favorite hobby is finding the best coffee, speakeasies and eating our way through new cities.

This blog is home to all the things we love! You’ll see some of our travels, vintage modern style, photography and lots more.

Come back often to see what we’re up to. We’d love to share adventures with you!

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Rainbows, cookies, bubbles, midgets!

Evan and Dana wedding WEB-563

Someone once said that my personality is filled with rainbows, cookies, bubbles and midgets! After I stopped laughing, I realized this also describes my favorite movie, The Wizard of Oz. The color, the music, the nostalgia drew me in. And somehow it’s theme keeps repeating itself over and over in my life:

  •  A magical journey to a faraway land
  • Meet your best friends
  • Discover the gifts you have been searching for are all within..

That is what this blog is all about. All the things I’ve collected on my life journey and am now ready to share with you.

P.S I call Evan my Unicorn of Husbands

How many jobs you got, Mon?!


I have several jobs: a sales manager of a print company, Dana’s 2nd shooter, Proprietor of Workshop and Whiskey and Bearded half of this blog .

Plus I have 50 companies and projects going on in my head at any given time. I love buying domains. I’m the proud owner of a site called You Can buy me this dot com also Captured and Crafted dot com, Workshop and Whiskey dot com, Nineteenseventysix dot com… you get the idea.

Often aproached to be a beard model, never committed.

I like eating and drinking my way through this life with my lovely wife.

Beckett + Rob Custom Wedding Suit
Beckett + Rob Custom Wedding Suit

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