24 hours in Paris

On our Italy and Greece adventure, we decided we HAD to power through 24, actually closer to 22 hours in Paris on the last day of a 15 day trip…  We did a few things wrong in those hours but we got a few things right. Learn from us.

  • Evan’s philosophy on travel: Do the tourist things to get them out of the way on your first trip. Then go back and do all the local or weird things. And eat. A lot. Like get a pizza bagel on your way to get a lox bagel (true story.)
  • Dana’s philosophy on travel: Do the top tourist things (if I’m interested) but then FOR SURE do some quirky local things.. all in the same trip. And get at least 2 coffees a day, sweets and accidentally/on purpose match my outfits to my surroundings.
  • Both our philosophies: TSA PRECHECK
  • Tip: Under no circumstances do you ever check in at the airport in view of a worker and let them see how big your carry ons really are. Just check in online then proceed to bring them on the plane with zero problems.
  • Check out my other post on what I did with 4 Days in Paris

How we got there

Paris Airlines: We ended up taking the budget airline that you’ve never heard of. (It’s called XL Airways  and does by no means stand for “Extra Large” in any sense of the word). Look at poor Evan’s zero leg room.

Since we did the budget airlines to get there, Evan upgraded us to first class one of our smaller flights via Air France.

Day 1- Afternoon and Evening

Check in: We really loved our hotel Hotel Verneuil  in the fancy area of St Germain. It’s also on Chase Points.

The Louvre: We didn’t go in because we thought we didn’t have enough time. Instead we waisted two hours trying to find the hop on, hop off bus (which would have been cool had we figured out where the heck it picked up.)

I say do a couple hours of your 24 hours at The Louvre.. especially if it’s your first time there.

the louvre paris

Angelina: I don’t care that it was 85 degrees in the summer, the most decadent hot chocolate of your life is worth it.

Angelina Paris
Angelina Paris

L’as du Fallafel IS LIFE.  They don’t even have a site because they’re THAT GOOD. I think we paid more  for the uber than the fallefel. Worth it… if you love fallafel as much as I do!

It’s also in an adorable area that you need to spend time getting lost in, Le Marais

Here’s their address:
32 Rue des Rosiers, 75004 Paris, France

L'as du fallafel
L'as du Fallafel Paris

Walk everywhere and get lost. Even if you don’t have time to go in places, you can do a quick walk by and at least see it.

notre dame

The Eiffel Tower (at Sunset): Get a sandwich or some kind of snack, watch the sun set while the lights of the Eiffel Tower twinkle. It’s magical. Have fun people watching for hours. The cops trying to bust the guys illegal selling things and them running around hiding is hilarious.

eiffel tower
eiffel tower

Day 2- Morning

Laduree for breakfast (or anytime!) Champs Elysees. Go for the food, stay for the beauty. Or vise versa.

Maybe it’s basic; maybe it’s the most delicious and beautiful place in the world. I took Evan because it’s one of my favorite breakfasts. French style coffee or tea, mini croissants, baguettes, french toast and eggs benedict. All while staring at mint and pink plates. Living my best Wes Anderson life. #wesandersonlife

laduree paris

Visit the OG Statue of Liberty– Did you know that there’s a mini statue there? I didn’t. Now I do, thanks to my Love.

Paris Statue of Liberty

This we didn’t do, but you should:

Eat all the croissants, macarons and chocolate you can. This is when Evan said “stop right there” and I was so bloated from everything I ate in Europe it took me a really long time to like this picture.


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