Aura Portraits

Aura Portraits at The AuraDome

Step right up and get your aura portrait done! The other day I had an Aura Portrait and reading done at The Aura Dome in Santa Ana.

What is an Aura Portrait and how do you get one, you ask?

  1. You sit inside a dark dome tent
  2. Place your hands on big plates and stay still for a few seconds
  3. Your photo is taken with a fancy polaroid type camera
  4. After it starts developing, the owner gives you a 5 minute reading of what the aura colors mean
  5. Then your portrait is put in a nice little box with the a paper that describes all the colors.

This was one of the neatest things I’ve done! I can’t wait to take (or drag) Evan to see what his aura is. We can also do one portrait together and see how the colors blend.

Follow them on instagram and see how everyone’s is unique. And let us know if you ever go get one!


Made Evan get a portrait together with me and alone and here’s how they came out.

Mine is SO different than the first time!


Two people told me at different times they saw purple coming off me so I wore an outfit that would match purple just in case. It ended up being a purple/magenta! This means creative/artistic and also red which means passionate. LOVE!


Meredith and mine are very similar while my other friend Destinie is a rainbow.


Obsessed and slightly jealous of this rainbow!



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