Raising My Soul Frequency

The Soul Frequency Show

I was on a podcast! And not just any podcast but one of my favorites, The Soul Frequency.

Shanna asked if we could chat about the recent transformation that she was a witness to. We are attempting to articulate the process of experiencing a big shift and how to remove emotional and mental blocks. This was my first time in any sort of recording or interview. I was a little nervous but she made the process so fun!


  • Why it is so hard to describe an energetic shift in words
  • What is happening under the surface of every shift in energy
  • How raising your frequency changes your life
  • What raising your frequency feels like in every day life
  • Plus, we geek out on frequency, perspective and how to create the life you want

Shanna is one of my friends, mentors, coaches and a “frequency alchemist”. I highly recommend her podcast where she interviews the most amazing guests. ( I still can’t believe I was one of them!) She also has an incredible book which goes through the four pillars of transformation.




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