5 Reasons you must visit The Madonna Inn

The Madonna Inn is the cutest, (pinkest?) hotel in San Luis Obisbo. It opened in 1958 and it still has that old fashioned feel. Walking in instantly transports you another time. Some call it charming or others call it campy; we call it amazing. It lived up to the hype!

1. Each room has a different theme

Stay in the same one every year or choose a new adventure! We stayed in the Hearts & Flowers room, which I’ve dedicated a whole other post on. After staying here once, we can’t get enough. We are ready to go back and try all the rooms. Well not all the rooms, just the ones we vibe with!


2. They have a live band every night

You can take a break during dinner to dance like it’s 1965. (We did!) Or you can enjoy the band from the bar and watch the local dancers. It’s a good old fashioned time with some Big band, swing and salsa!

Madonna Inn

3. Pick up 1 (or 5) Madonna Inn Goblets

Two goblets that were gifted to us a few years ago has now started a collection. Six down, infinity to go.


4. Have thee cake at Copper Cafe

It’s your basic diner except you get to drink out of their fancy multi-colored goblets. Also the famous Pink Champagne cake was exceptional. Better than we thought it would be. So light and delicious.


5. Get fun photos with all the godiness and kitstch!

When can we move in?


When you stay at The Madonna Inn for a couple of days you never have to leave (unless you want fancy coffee.) There’s a lively bar, wine tasting, pool hangs, horseback riding and exploring to be done! See all activities here.

Bonus: There’s a really good coffee shop around the corner in Downtown Slo we loved called Scout Coffee.

If you stop by or stay, let us know!


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