2019 Fashion trends you can easily find in a Vintage Store

The other day I happened to be at Mall doing some returns. As looked around, I felt like I was in a more organized version of all the thrift and vintage stores I’ve been frequenting.

Expanding on why to shop Vintage, I wanted to show you how easy it is to find fashion trends at Thrift and Vintage stores…

Vintage styles with new twists are always on trend!

According to Vogue Italia these colors (which btw I LOVE) and the styles that look suuuuper 70s, 80s and 90s are en vogue Spring and Summer.

2019 Spring Summer Trends


Right now the 70s and 80s are really in. This is great news since that era is more easily accessible items to find especially at thrift stores. Even with a quick search in a vintage store, I found all these dresses under $30. They have a similar vibe and colors to the image above.

Orange Circle Antique Mall
Orange Circle Antique Mall
Orange Circle Antique Mall

It’s easy to find these colors or even the color plus the style! I can’t believe it only took me about 30 minutes at one store to find these looks. Just imagine what gems you can find if you spent an entire day looking at different stores.

If you can’t decide between these pastels, choose them all! I love this skirt for that very reason.

Orange Circle Antique Mall
Orange Circle Antique Mall

Fake Furs

Fake furs are probably the easiest thing to find at a vintage store. Not only have I gifted about 10 vintage furs, I now have about 10 different styles of my own. It was fun to see that I’m accidentally in style with my collection!

fake fur


How fun that this 90s look is back!


The dress I ended up finding was more 60s/70s but it totally does the Neon trick!



Fringe started in the 20s and then came back in the 60s and 70s… And here we are again.


How great is this 60’s fringe dress I found! Totally wearable.


Leopard Print

Leopard (and animal print) is also easy to find. You can go in any thrift store right now and get head to toe leopard if your heart desires!

This leopard jacket I found doubles as a fringe trend too.

Orange Circle Antique Mall

It actually surprised me that I ended up finding everything I was looking for under $40 (with an average price of $30) at Orange Circle Antique Mall. There’s a lot of really great vendors with fantastic taste so it made it much easier.

Let me know what you find on your search!

Just for funsies.. here’s some pictures of me in some furs.

Black Fur Cape


Vintage Modern Loves

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