Old Fashioned in a Modern World

Call it Old Fashioned, Chivalry, Good Mannered…I don’t know, call it what you like. I know I like to drink an Old Fashioned… but that is for another post.

On this post I wanted to open up and share a little inside scoop about me and that is; I like to be a little “Old Fashioned” in this modern day and age we currently live in. Nothing crazy, just some small things..


Ways I like to be “Old Fashioned”

  • Maybe it’s pulling out a chair at a restaurant
  • Opening the door for somebody and letting them enter in before me
  • Maybe it’s the car door for my special lady friend

Please don’t get me wrong, I know people are quite capable of opening their own doors. I just think it’s a sign of respect and a courteous thing to do and I like it.

What about giving up your coat to a Damsel in distress? I kid! She may not actually be in distress, but she might be cold. I am a walking heater so yeah, I’ll give up my coat from time to time. It’s not like I am laying it down over a puddle of water so that she can walk on it to avoid getting wet. (But I would do that.)

So I like to pick up the bar tab, meal, movie and things. It’s not that I think my gal or friends don’t have the means. I see it as an opportunity to show my appreciation in the form of a small gift.

Beckett + Rob Custom Wedding Suit

Fun Facts:

  • I spoke in a Southern Accent to try to win Dana over: “More refreshing than a Mint Julep in July!”
  • I spoke with a cracked nervous voice when I asked her Dad(s) for her hand in marriage.
  • I wrote with a shaky hand when I penned her a little fun note on a post card sent from LA.

It’s okay to express how much you care with flowers, a homemade dinner, a handmade gift and a hand-written card. I do it with good intentions, in appreciation and with no expectations.

So yeah, call me Old Fashioned – I’m good with it!


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