Why Shop Thrift and Vintage

Thrift and vintage shopping is one of my favorite hobbies and creative outlets. Here’s some of the reasons why I mostly shop thrift and vintage.

1. You can find: uniqueclassic, and/or what’s in style

vintage dresses

If you want to have a unique look, thrift and vintage shopping is for you. Or if you wanna look straight off the runway, thrift and vintage is for you. If you want classic pieces that will be in style forever.. you get the picture.

Since fashion trends tend to take from the past, it’s extremely easy to stay in style by shopping at thrift and vintage stores.

You can find whatever you’re looking for or be surprised. Choose your own adventure!

2. It can be better quality

vintage coat

Vintage clothes were made to last longer than most clothes from let’s say an H&M or Forever 21 where it might fall apart after a few sad washes. So it’s easy to find garments in nice condition. I can’t tell you how many coats I have that are made of the most beautiful materials like silk velvet (had you ever heard of such a thing, I hadn’t!)

3. Save those dolla dolla bills ya’ll

vintage store

This applies mostly to thrift stores and flea markets, wherein you can create an entire wardrobe at a fraction of the cost of a regular store. Speciality vintage shops are becoming a little more expensive but in comparison to high fashion it’s still saving you a lot of dough.

Some vintage pieces have become comparable to something new at an Athropologie but I always ask myself: Is it in great condition? Is it unique/special? And if it is, then I buy it, duh! One of my splurges was this Perfect Plaid Pendleton.

4 . Use it as a creative outlet and fun experience

vintage store

Have the time of your life searching for treasures with your besties! Recreate a look you’ve been searching for. Make a day of it by getting coffee then hitting up all the thrift and vintage stores in town.  Or take a road trip!

You never know when something special might find you.

5. Help the Planet! It’s sustainable and better for the environment 

fast fashion

An entire blog can be dedicated on the impact fast fashion is having on this planet. Here’s just of couple of facts I’ve found that might help us become more aware of how much of a problem this is:

  • Polyester (most garments are made with) is a non biodegradable form of plastic that is still on this planet
  • The garment industry has become the second most polluting industry in the world
  • The world now consumes 80 billion pieces of clothing each year

Just things to keep in mind as you’re clothing shopping.

Found this interesting Ted Talk on Fast Fashion. Ted has a lot of educational talks on the issue.

Has anything inspired you incorporate more thrift and vintage shopping in your life?!


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