We love gift wrapping!

I thought I was one of the best wrappers I knew..Until I met Evan. For my birthdays and Christmas, he has wrapped my gift in maps, fabric, craft paper, painter’s paper… When I would receive his gifts and handmade cards, I’d imagined it was like one of the Ryan Gosling memes, “Hey girl.. I thoughtfully wrapped your presents in the nicest gift wrap and later I’ll take you dinner.” That’s why I call him a Unicorn!

For my own gifts, I think it takes me about 10 minutes per present. But it’s so much fun to me.

Here’s some ideas for wrapping gifts

Gift wrapping ideas

Things you can use to wrap

  • Fabric
  • Painter’s paper
  • Craft paper
  • Maps
  • Vintage paper
Gift wrapping ideas

Things you can use for bows or decoration that you can find at a thrift or vintage shop for reasonable prices

  • Doilies or Lace
  • Pins
  • Neck scarves and ties
  • Necklaces, brooches or  hair clips
  • Vintage fabric.. or get something you can use for wrapping like an old tablecloth or dress

You can also get these at Paper Source, Anthropologie or Craft Stores:

  • If we buy wrapping paper, we get it from Paper Source or Rifle
  • Fancy ribbon
  • Yarn
  • Hemp or string
  • Ornaments.. we especially like initial ones
Gift wrapping ideas

Some tricks

If you run out or don’t have a big enough wrapping paper, get some craft or painter’s paper and then use the wrapping over it, like we did here.

Gift wrapping ideas


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