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The first year we were dating we invited our parents and a few friends over for a little Thanksgiving at Evan’s house. The next year family couldn’t come so we ended up throwing a big Friendsgiving with about 30 people and have been doing it ever since. That was 2010.

We decided to make Friendsgiving a special opportunity to celebrate our friends and give thanks.

Brainstorming Friendsgiving decor and food ideas feeds our creative energy. We found the process to be a creative collaboration and labor of love. 

Never have we ever used paper plates and we do dishes for daaaays. Literally. But it’s all worth it!

Fancy Camping decor idea
Friendsgiving Orange and colorful glass decor ideas

Decor tips:

  • If you don’t want to buy a table for 30 people, just build one! I’m using the word “table” here loosely. Evan built a base and then puts a huge ass piece of wood from Home Depot on top. Bam! Table.
  • You don’t HAVE to have flowers. I adore flowers but buying enough for a 30 person table that’s wider than average would be the cost of a small wedding. Things you can use instead: Apples, oranges, wood, thrifted and vintage dishes, bottles, antlers, succulents, raw fabric, sheets etc... The trick is to make it look full by adding more decor than you think.
  • Thrifted dishes come in handy when you’re buying for a large party.. If you’re having a small party, you can splurge on some more expensive dishes. But when the guest list is 30, Goodwill here I come!
  • Greenery, Rosemary and dried wildflowers can be found by the house, abandoned lots or on the side of a road
  • If you can find a canoe randomly (our neighbor gave his to us!) it makes for a pretty awesome bar/dessert table!

1. Craft Paper Table Cloth and 1970's Plates

Plates: 1970s Painted Ceramic

Gathering all the 1970s plates from thrift and vintage stores makes this one of my favorite Friendsgivings! It gave me such thrill (nerd alert!) hunting at every thrift/vintage store I came across for a few months before our party. Apparently those 70s plates are popular since they were not hard to find. There were even several that matched. (I like things as mixed matched as possible but since we had 30 plates to get, I wasn’t picky.)

Table cloth: Craft Paper

Evan’s idea was to draw the placemat, which gives it a whimsical touch! By the end of the night my friend drew a portrait of me on it and it was pretty accurate.

Centerpieces: Mixed bottles, rope and dried wildflowers

The centerpieces were mixed matched bottles that a bride gave me from her wedding mixed with other thrift and vintage finds. We tied rope around some of the bottles and put the dried wild flowers inside.

Friendsgiving decor Ideas
Friendsgiving 70s plates decor Ideas

2. Apples, Wood, Cloches and Silver Friendsgiving

From a trip to Oak Glen we had a TON of apples so we decided to make it a rustic with silver decor.

Plates: Mix matched silver vintage and modern

This was another fun adventure of being on the hunt for all things silver plates. Goodwill seems to have the best selection of plates.

Centerpieces : Apples, Cloches, Wood pieces

We mixed silver and woods for the main decor. The wood bits were cut from a neighborhood tree that was down.

Then we made apples the star of the show by displaying them in cloches on top of wood circular stumps. Bigger Rosemary potted plants were used as the greenery.

Tablecloth: Burlap

Since we wanted a really rustic look, we went with burlap fabric.

Friendsgiving Apple and Wood
Friendsgiving Decor Idea
Friendsgiving Apple and Wood Decor Idea

3. IKEA Camp Friendsgiving

Centerpieces- IKEA lanterns, camping dishes and greenery

We used red and light blue lanterns and camping dishes.  Ikea thermos’ used as decor and to hold the gravy and keep it warm…Greenery taken from a tree near the side walk of an industrial area near our home.

Tablecloth and Napkins

This black and white  fabric came from IKEA (it’s actually sheets!) and we used it as a tablecloth since it was large enough for a 30 person table. Evan used these checkered dark blue dish towels as napkins.

Evan built a wood frame for a tent around the table to really feel like we were in a tent. Unfortunately it got messed up at the very last minute…Still looks awesome though!

This is the year we tried putting everything on the table family style instead of a buffet. It was difficult getting everything out at the same time and food got cold too quickly, so we learned our lesson.

Friendsgiving Ideas
Camping Decor Idea
Camping Decor Idea
Camping Decor Idea
Camping Decor Idea

4. Rugs, Furs and Antler Friendsgiving

Tablecloth- Blanket/Rug

Since our tables are so much bigger than a standard size a huge blanket or rug works like a charm. These Indian print are from Sackcloth and Ashes. We already had these so we styled our tabled around it.

Centerpieces: Antlers, Succulents, glass and fur rugs

We had an idea for antlers so we were collected them for awhile. They interweaved succulents inside geometric planters (borrowed from my friend’s wedding) lots of gold accents and small IKEA fur rugs on the table.

Plates: White, Brown and Gold Give Thanks

Here I go with the mix matched again. Because dammit, I’m a adult and I don’t have to match if I don’t want to! However I approved all the gold chargers matching for more pops of gold. They looked so nice against a pattern blanket.

Friendsgiving Antler, blankets and rug idea
Friendsgiving Antler, blankets and rug idea
Friendsgiving Antler, blankets and rug idea

5. Colorful Glass and Plaid tablecloth Friendsgiving

The main idea came from IKEA floral napkins paired with a dark gray plaid blanket turned tablecloth. Then we added yellow and grey placemats, colorful glasses and candle holders. Since we live in Orange now, we decided to throw in some oranges; this ties in the color and it’s a fun nod to our new-ish hood.

We used white IKEA plates and a few of our gold Give Thanks because we always like to mix things up and not be too matchy!

Friendsgiving Orange and colorful glass decor ideas
Friendsgiving Orange and colorful glass decor ideas
Friendsgiving Orange and colorful glass decor ideas
Friendsgiving Orange and colorful glass decor ideas
Friendsgiving Orange and colorful glass decor ideas
Friendsgiving Orange and colorful glass decor ideas

Do you have a favorite? Let us know any of your best tips for parties in the comments!


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