Solving Solvang

Solvang is one of the quaintest most unusual towns in California. It’s located in the Santa Ynez Valley, which is about 45 minutes passed Santa Barbara. It’s filled with old-world Danish architecture, adorable shops and bakeries. And more recently, a pretty legitimate food and wine scene.

It has become one of our favorite and most visited places. Becoming a member of two wineries and the subsequent quarterly pickups keep us coming back for more.

Fun things in Solvang, Ca
Solvang, Ca

Look how much quirky Danish fun we are having!!

Eat Solvang

Our Favorite Places to Eat

  • Panino is the best sandwich ever. Dana’s favorite is the Veggie number 29. Evan likes the turkey/salami number 5. We think it’s a special honey mustard that makes this sandwich extra good.
  • Succulent Cafe has amazing biscuits with jam! They are great for breakfast or dinner. I can’t decide what I like more.
  • Aebleskiver Cafe for the traditional Danish Aebleskivers. It’s so cute and kitchy in there!
  • Olsens Bakery has good ole fashioned coffee and Danish pastries, just like you want them!
  • Cafe Dolce for coffee, juices, smoothies and a super friendly owner that will make you whatever you want!
  • Mad and Vin (The Landsby) Happy Hour: We get their cheese board, wine and cocktail specials all while becoming one with the hygge interior of our dreams
  • Hitching Post to reenact a scene from Sideways.
  • AJ Spurs  for good people watching and food. Pre-meal meal is da bomb: vaquero soup and tequila beans!
  • SY Kitchen for a fancy Italian dinner and cocktails
  • Bonus – over the Santa’s Village eats!? Head on over to the Chinese food spot, Mandarin Touch and order way too much for very little
Olsens Bakery
The Landsby in Solvang, Ca
Succulent Cafe, Solvang, Ca
Succulent Cafe

Drink Solvang

Favorite Wineries in Los Olivos

Our two favorite wineries that we belong to are located in Santa Ynez Valley which is a beautiful 15-20 minute drive from the little Solvang town where we always stay.

  1. Our  favorite winery is Demetria Estate.  They have delicious wine and just look at the amazing views! It feels like Tuscany.
  2.  Roblar is another gorgoues spot with great wine. And freshly made chocolates! They also have a really nice cheese board.
Demetria Winery Solvang Los Olivos
Roblar Winery

Honorable Mention: Los Olivos

Our favorites located in the town of Solvang

  • Sevtap Winery
  • Mad and Vin wine and cocktails
  • Bonus – yep, the same Chinese food spot we mentioned above is the same place where you can order a bathtub sized Mai Thai that comes with a lit volcano and multiple drinking straws!
Landsby Mad and Vin

Our Favorite Places to Stay

  • Hamlet Inn. Why we love it: It’s the ACE of Solvang with the minimal design we love at an awesome price. Oh and did I mention it comes super cute free bike rental?! It’s also located exactly across the street from old fashioned Olsen’s Bakery and a foodie restaurant Succulent.
  • Lansdby – for when you want to make it rain and are feeling hipster
  • The Royal Copenhagen Inn – Decent Hotel, centrally located, big rooms and you can bring your doggie.
  • Atterdag Inn -Fun to say and also has Hamlet vibes for when the Hamlet is booked

Bonus – Hamlet gives you a lil coupon book filled with free food and tastings

Hamlet Inn Solvang, ca
Hamlet inn Solvang Ca

Solving Solvang Day

Our Typical Itinerary

  • Walk to get a coffee and small pastry at Olsen’s. (Or have a legit breakfast at Succulent.)
  • Order the best panini ever at Paninos. Take that to go.
  • After driving through Los Olivos, have a tasting at Demetria. Enjoying the delish wine, gorgeous views and your perfect sandwich.
  • Have your second tasting at Roblar, possibly a cheese board if you’re not too full from your sandwich. Also, don’t forget to get a homemade chocolate or two, three.. I’m not judging (or counting.)
  • If you didn’t overdue the wine, go to SevTap for your last(ish?) tasting of the night
  • Dinner at SY Kitchen if you feeling fancy. Dana’s favorite dish is the Wild Mushroom pappardelle. They also have outstanding cocktails.
  • If you feeling casual, dinner and Mai tais at Mandarin Touch.

Other Fun things to See + Do


  • The Old Mission Santa Ines  We were in Solvang for Easter once so we visited the historic Mission. It was such a beautiful standing room only service. Even if you’re not religious, The Mission is absolutely worth seeing.
  • Buellton’s Spit Pea Anderson’s. Gimme all the kitch. Bathrooms are fun selfie times.
  • Ostrichland USA. Go here if you want to be terrified of bird like dinosaurs.
  • Strange…eh, cute lil shops filled with all kinds of useless…eh, usefull goods like snow globes, screen printed socks and things made out of tin.
  • Ride the bike around to explore the town and town folk.
  • Bonus – pack a lunch with a couple of bottles, take your biker gang crew down the road to the lil reservoir and have yourself a picnic
Old Mission Santa Ines
Hamlet Inn bikes
Ostrich Land, Solvang

Did we miss any of your favorites? The list will keep expanding upon our many many trips!

best places to eat, drink and stay in Solvang


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