palm springs proposal

Since it’s our three year anniversary of this awesome proposal and two year anniversary of being married, I thought I’d share here too. This was blogged first over at Dana Grant Photography  in October of 2015:

The day started out like any other day.

We were in Pioneertown, Joshua Tree for a shoot I had.  Evan wanted do our photo project there, which consists of self portraits at all the places we travel while dressing up in outfits we feel matches each scene. Let’s be real, we wish we were characters in a Wes Anderson film.

We do our little shoot in the middle of the old western Pioneertown and ate lunch at Pappy and Harriets, (see pic iPhone pics below.) On the way home, we had causally planned to do another one of our shoots in Palm Springs.

Sneaky Face

It was still kinda bright when we got to the windmills so we decided to kill some time at Koffi and I changed into this dress in the bathroom.  I love the sneaky, adorable look on his face as we sit and drink coffee and he plans..

The Self Portraits

We got back to the windmills and as we were walking up, I say, “you must be my soulmate since you like taking pics like this with me!!”

There was a new gate they put up that looked like we wouldn’t be able to make it passed. As soon as we set up the tripod and camera and got ourselves set in the right position, a truck came into the parking lot and we thought they were going to stop us. And the wind was crazy! So I starting walking towards the tripod and Evan tried to distract me so I wouldn’t see his phone recording. (He told me earlier in Pioneertown he was making me a selfie stick!) The truck drove away so we started shooting. Evan was holding the wireless remote taking all the images.

Since I had moved our composition by walking out of frame a little, Evan got nervous and decided to do it right there. We’ve had an ongoing joke for 4 years of “Is this a proposal?!” whenever one of us says something nice or “this isn’t a proposal”. So he got down on one knee and said, “How is this pose? This is proposal.”

This Is A Proposal

And I just looked at him like he was joking. Only when I saw that he was holding something in his hand, I started laugh-crying hysterically, with the highest pitched voice I’ve ever heard of myself and yelled, “Shut up!!” Then I yelled, “You’re a liar!” because he had just told me the week before he was still looking for a ring. And then I don’t remember anything else except seeing the most beautiful, perfect vintage Aquamarine ring.

It was so perfectly imperfect, windy, funny and just so us.

palm springs proposal
palm springs proposal
palm springs proposal
palm springs proposal
palm springs proposal
palm springs proposal

He surprised me with a night at Sparrows lodge and I took these with my iPhone the next morning.

Palm Springs Proposal


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