My Favorite Vintage Modern Eyeglasses

One of the first things people notice about me are my Vintage Modern Eyeglasses. I am constantly getting asked where I find them and I love to share!

Being a lover and wearer of prescription glasses, I have searched vintage shops, flea markets and thrift stores to find the perfect pair of vintage glasses. I already own one pair that I found at a flea market in New York.

They are SO cute but a little too narrow for my face, as you can see in the picture. (Still wearable!)

1950s Vintage Glasses

When trying to find the perfect vintage modern eyeglasses for my wedding, I stumbled across my new favorite line of eyewear. This company eyebuydirect has some fantastic choices if you’re a vintage lover like me. And as a bonus they are extremely affordable!

Also keep in mind they are not just prescription! The price is right if you don’t wear glasses but want to try it out.

Vintage Modern Eyeglasses Picks from EyebuyDirect

These pink glasses are the perfect modern twist on the classic horn frame. I ended up going with these for my  wedding and now I wear them almost everyday with approximately a million compliments. Check out Annabel.

Modern SunGlasses Vintage flair
Vintage modern eyeglasses

I also purchased these sunglasses that are basically the sunglass version of Annabel, except the top part is an off white as opposed to blush pink. Check out Simone.

Modern SunGlasses Vintage flair
Eyebuydirect Simone

Don’t these remind you of the colorful 60s and 70s?! I ended up wearing these to my bachelorette pool day. Check out Sunset.

Modern sunglasses vintage flair

These are my top choice if you want to have an 80s “American Psycho” vibe (and who doesn’t want that?) Currently wearing these.

Modern eyeglasses vintage flair

What I love most about these glasses is the color. It was very difficult to find this style in the right shade. Clear is really popular right now but it’s unflattering on me. These are called Champange which is the perfect description of the color. They almost have a redish tint to them which goes great with red or pink hair or for gals such as myself that prefer warmer tones. But not to worry, they also have plenty of clear options.


Check out Aura.

These are super fun and big from Glasses USA. They kinda remind me of the 80s. Check out Elliot. 


And the award for most fun goes to Kate Spade

How good are these vintage inspired glasses? I want these glitter ones so bad! How perfect would these be for a Holiday or New Year’s Eve Celebration (or any party I might go to!) Check out Kate Spade Ladonna

Kate Spade Glitter Glasses

Top Vintage Modern picks from Warby Parker:

This is a vintage, almost cat eye style frame that comes in a variety of colors and is flattering on almost everyone. Check out Louise.

Louise rose gold
Louise Metal Eyeglasses
Blair Rose Gold

Top pick for Real Vintage Eye Glasses

And if you’re looking online at actual vintage glasses, this is one of my favorite etsy store: Vintage 50s Eyeglasses. There are always a lot of very unique and fun styles to choose from.

Vintage 60s Eyeglasses
Vintage 80s Eyeglasses
Vintage 80s Eyeglasses
Vintage 70s Eyeglasses

Happy hunting. Which ones are you faves?! Let me know in the comments!


Vintage Modern Loves

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