Why We Started a Vintage Modern Lifestyle Blog

Hi and welcome to our our blog. Here’s our first blog post with some info on what we are doing!

WHY did we start this blog? 

Aren’t blogs so 2010? Yeah, kinda. But where else can we easily collect all the things we love in one place?

So much of my career as a wedding and lifestyle photographer I’ve heard too many times to count: “pick ONE thing, be ONE thing, say ONE thing.” Well I don’t want to! There’s too many things I love! Now all the things are conveniently located right here. It’s a living collection that can be shared.

WHO are we?

You know those blogs with the thin model couples with the painstakingly designer outfits and perfect home interiors? This is not one of those blogs. We do not have it all together but we do have some creative ideas!

I’m a photographer with a quirky vintage inspired style and I always wear glasses. Evan has been in the print industry for over 20 years and has a well groomed beard. Read more on our About page.

WHAT is this blog?

Earlier this year I got really excited about a travel blog I started to archive our recommendations and adventures since we have so many to share. Instead of a travel blog, it metamorphosed into a Vintage Modern Lifestyle blog.

You’ll see style ideas, a lot of vintage finds, our favorite recipes, drinks and restaurants, our travel adventures and whatever else is tickling our fancy at the moment!

What is the Vintage Modern Lifestyle?

The Vintage Modern Lifestyle is the blending of everything old and new. It’s what ties all my quirkiness, Evan’s coolness and our life together.

Vintage Modern Lifestyle is:

  • Evan’s old fashioned whiskey state of mind
  • My vintage flea market skirts paired with a Target top
  • Throwing a 1960s theme engagement party
  • Putting on a record while you’re working on the computer
  • Finding all the best coffee and speakeasies in new city
Palm Springs Engagement
Palm Springs Engagement

WHERE else can we find you?

You can also find us on Instagram and Facebook. For the most visual of inspiration, follow us on Pinterest.

WHEN are you blogging?

At least once a week and then more often as time allows. So much to share!

Thank you for reading. We hope you will come along this new Vintage Modern adventure with us!

Images by Lauren Scotti. 


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