Here are some of my favorite styles of Vintage Modern wedding dresses I came across during New York Bridal Fashion Week.

If you were wondering what I was doing in New York (besides living what Evan likes to call a “charmed life”) I was attending some amazing fashion shows, photographing dresses and eating my way through New York City (gluten free of course) with my friend The Bridal Theory. This could only mean it was Spring Bridal Fashion Week.

Vintage Modern Inspired Dresses from New York Bridal Fashion Week

Alexandra Grecco for the Mid Century win! I have SO many fun ideas for these that I want to get married again in them! Can’t you see this as the perfect dress for a courthouse wedding?!

The ruffles on this are SO good. And so is the deep V. Love a good mix of classy and sexy and vintage and modern.

So simple yet so gorgeous.

This one is my absolute favorite. In fact I have a body suit with a similar neckline from free people. Maybe I’m obsessed.

And a jumpsuit?! Always a good idea! This could be worn as either the main dress or a reception party dress. Jumpsuits are so in right now, which always makes me want to get real vintage ones.

This is the most glammed up version of a 70s jumpsuit I ever did see. This number is from Gailia Lahav. They are usually more glam that I like but I fell in love with this jumpsuit and could definitely see myself in one!

If you want to go more of a vintage boho look, Bhldn new line has you covered. How bout these lace bell sleeves. YES.

Which Vintage Modern look would you choose: Mid Century or Boho?


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